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Dublin Zoo is much more than a fun-filled, stimulating day out for all the family… it’s a place to learn about wild animals, especially endangered species. Dublin Zoo is a registered charity – your visit will help maintain Dublin Zoo to a high standard, develop new habitats and experieces and contribute to conservation programmes.

As one of the world’s oldest and most popular zoos, the 28 hectare park in the heart of Dublin is home to some 400 animals in safe environment where education and conservation combine for an exciting and unforgettable experience!

Dublin Zoo’s world-class habitats include the African Savanna, Family Farm, Gorilla Rainforest, Sea Lion Cove and Flamingo Lagoon, the Orangutan Forest, Zoorassic World and Wolves in the Woods.  In 2015, the Gorilla Rainforest was cited by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums as a fine example of what can be achieved in a zoo.  The conservation message has been skilfully woven into every activity of the zoo with help from a very successful behind-the-scenes television series, skilfully designed education programmes and ethical marketing.  The interest of visitors saw annual visitor figures reach one million in 2011 (in a national population of around five million) and remain well over million each year until 2020 when the Covid pandemic closed the zoo for an extensive period.  However such is the affection and regard of visitors for the zoo, in November 2020 over €2 million was raised within 48 hours on the announcement of a public appeal for help.

Dublin Zoo is still operated as a charity by the Zoological Society of Ireland and is managed by a highly professional team.

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