Slowly but surely, Capel Street has established itself as one of the most multicultural areas of the city. The vast array of nationalities, communities and cultures established here adds to the consuming energy and vibrancy of the street. At the very top of the street is SEDA College, the English language school. Huge numbers of Brazilians, Italians, Spanish and French students attend classes here, many of whom live nearby. There’s also a lesser amount of Japanese, Chinese and Korean students.

The famous Pantibar, located at the lower end of the street, hosts the biggest street party of the year for Pride each summer. The brightly coloured bar and accompanying neon sign are iconic for the city’s LGBTQ+ community and it’s a cornerstone of Capel Street. Directly opposite is Jack Nealon’s, which has operated as a pub since 1905, and recently re-opened under new management. A large open-hearth fire and gold-gilted ceiling are stand out features of a gorgeous interior. Located mid-way up the street, J McNeill’s is a beautiful, traditional Dublin pub; a local’s favourite and a great place for live trad music. It’s also a music shop. It is the perfect place to go with the Sunday paper and enjoy a quiet pint of plain. To see pubs like McNeill’s opposite Asian supermarkets, alongside charity shops, adult boutiques and hardware shops is to gaze at the pumping heart of Capel Street.

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